Monday, March 28, 2011


The summer harp experience bolsters and encourages creativity. At the end of it all, you've met incredible people, done amazing things and worked harder than you ever would on your own. You're hyper and exhausted and can't wait to do it all again.

L.A is lucky to have four such harp programs taking place this year - all being offered by four talented and enthusiastic local harpists. To find out more about the summer harp experience and these four very special programs - read on! 

March 10, 2011 -

Hey Megan!

Welcome back to dah Etats-Unis! Total culture warp, yeah? France is great, but sometimes it’s nice to be back home...

Susie Allen, Marcia Dickstein, Mary Dropkin and Allison Allport all have summer harp programs going on this year, and I thought our harp community would like to learn more about them, particularly since many take place in California!

So I shot them all an email, asking for a bit more information.

What I discovered is that there is more to the summer harp experience than can be expressed by reading a brochure or a web page; it sounds as if the instructors receive as much from the summer harp experience as its participants.

So Megan, the reason I am writing is to ask about your camp harp experience.

You're back home to teach at a harp program.  Why do you come every year, especially all the way from France?

What makes the summer harp experience different than say, going to weekly lessons or a university program?

Monday, March 14, 2011


Mary O’Hara, an influential singer and musician from County Sligo in Ireland, inspired a revival of harp playing that was nearly lost by the 1950's. Her beautiful lilting soprano voice and natural, graceful beauty were sought after by thousands of fans on both sides of the Atlantic.  What a delight to hear this lovely lady again. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!