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Maurice Jarre  began work on the classic 1966 film score Grand Prix soon after completion of 
his most famous cinematic score, Dr. Zhivago (1965).  

MGM's Grand Prix is the story about Formula 1 racing and the experiences, on and off the track, of a group of racers during a Grand Prix season.

The film was one of ten highest grossing films in 1966. The score, played in 6-track stereo, provided a melodic and sensitive depiction for each of the film's characters, in true Jarre style. And with 8 harps to boot.

Below is a newspaper photo taken at the MGM recording studios in Culver City, CA. during a taping of the film's musical score. Seated behind their harps are the 8 harpists from the film's soundtrack.

Some of the harpists's names are shown in the cropped caption above. First row being the back row, we begin with the lovely Gayle Levant:

The 8 At Grand Prix:
1st row,  left to right:
Gayle Levant, Carol Baum
2nd row, left to right: 
Stella Castellucci, Dorothy Victor, Marge Bundock 
3rd row, left to right: 
Catherine Gotthoffer, Gail Laughton, Doris Hults

Read short bios about these wonderful harpists. 

How About those Harps! All Lyon & Healy:
First row, left to right: 
Style 23, Style 11
Second row, left to right:
Style 23, Style 23, Style 23
Third row, left to right:
Style 11, Style 23, Style 11

And the Grand Prix Winners Are...!

In December, 2010 Harp In LA offered its readers a challenge: to correctly name all the harpists pictured at the Grand Prix recording session. As a bonus, Lyon & Healy offered a challenge: to name the make and models of their harps (we're talking lots 'o gold here!).

HILA is happy to announce the winners of our 2010 Holiday Challenge.

Grand Holiday Gift Winner: for naming all eight harpists corrrectly.
Prize: A Lyon & Healy colorful ergonomic tuning key.

Bonnie Mohr is a professional harpist and teacher in the Los Angeles Area. Bonnie began harp studies at the age of 10. She earned her Masters in Music and Harp Performance from Azusa Pacific University, where she is currently Professor of Harp. Bonnie also received certification as a Therapeutic Harpist through Compassionate Harps, and works in that field at local hospitals.

Bonnie's books, Colorful Adventures on the Harp, Mohr Adventures Book II and Colorful Christmas Carols, are popular with beginning harpists of all ages. 

Bonnie has several harp recordings and plays at a variety of venues throughout the Southern California area, and is acting Conductor for the Azuza Pacific University Harp Ensemble. Bonnie's solo concert tours have included performances in the US, Germany and Japan.

Bonnie serves on the Board of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Harp Society, and as chairperson for the The Harp in Worship Conference.  

Bonus Holiday Gift Winner: for naming all eight harps.
Prize: A Lyon & Healy T-Shirt.

Arizona-born harpist Megan Metheney-Lauzet is a vibrant musician and innovative educator. Using her classical training, Megan pushes the harp envelope to create a sound and style truly her own. Her music showcases the pedal and lever harp with a mix of jazz, folk, contemporary and classical styles.

From 2008 to 2010, Megan served as Musical Director for one of America's largest public school harp programs located in Odessa, Texas, teaching young harpists between the ages of 10 and 18. She also taught harp at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and Odessa College.

Megan  holds a Bachelors in Music from the University of Arizona with jazz harpist Carrol McLaughlin and a Masters of Music from the University of Texas at Austin under Delaine Fedson. She gained a Premiere Prix from the music conservatory in Grasse, France under the tutelage of Alessandra Magrini and Elisabeth Fontan-Binoche. And she will always cherish the memories of her first harp lessons, at the age of 12, with Adrienne Bridgewater.

Megan currently lives in the petit village of Cabris, France, where she is the director of L'Académie de Musique Internationale, a music school of various disciplines, specializing in harp.



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