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As part of the American Harp Society's 2-part Music Education Program, the American Harp Society, L.A. Chapter offers local harp students the opportunity to play for others, listen to others play and receive invaluable advice from a knowledgable and respected harpist advisor.

In 1968, then president of the American Harp Society, Catherine Gotthoffer proposed that some sort of music education program be established. The Auditions and Evaluations Program was the result. Lucien Thomson became the program's first Chairman of the Music Education Committee and continued this seat through 2000.

Thomson believed in the benefits of such a program, committing many hours to the preparation of nearly 3000 certificates for its participants during his tenure and performing as a guest advisor to numerous AHS chapters across the country. In Recommendations for Successful Auditions, Thomson wrote “Always bear in mind that it is the average and less gifted student whom we hope to help and inspire.  Given sincere encouragement and inspiration, they may surprise us, and in any case they will comprise the knowledgeable audiences of the future."

In conjunction with the American Harp Society and their Music Education Committee, the American Harp Society, L.A. Chapter's Music Education Program is a two-part program offered annually to harpists. The program consists of two sessions held approximately one month apart. Harpists of all ages and levels participate specifically to play, hear others play and receive advice and encouragement from the chosen advisor.

The focus of this unique program is on education, performance and the improvement that can be made by the harpist after his or her evaluation, so requires that all participants play for both sessions.

All participants are encouraged to stay and listen to as many participants as possible during both auditions.  Everyone who participates in both sessions receives a certificate of completion from the Music Education Committee of the American Harp Society.

HARP IN LA would love to see students of all levels take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity to perform in a relaxed
non-confrontational environment, to improve on one's musical and performing skills, as well as, be introduced to various repertoire for the harp.

Contact your local American Harp Society Chapter to find out more about your local Music Education Program.


Sunday, February 27, 2011 and Sunday, March 27, 2011
1:00 pm
First Baptist Church - CHAPEL
75 North Marengo Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101
(Validated parking at structure behind church)
Advisor: Alison Bjorkedal
Coordinator: Linda-Rose Hembreiker

Images from past Music Education events:
Above left: harpist advisor Tomoko Sato discusses music performed by student Catya Carothers
Above right: student Victoria Osby performs for harpist advisor, Susie Allen.


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