Thursday, February 3, 2011


Creative pairings between like-minded thinkers is vital, in particular for artists, writers and musicians. The three co-exist splendidly. Surrounded by others that process the world in a similar manner as you is supportive as well as inspirational. No matter how bizarre the pairing may be to onlookers, creative pairings can be a blast.
Artist Salvador Dali, a man truly smitten with the movies, was a huge fan of the Marx Brothers, particularly of Harpo Marx, whom he described once as "the most surrealist figure in Hollywood". As it turned out, Harpo was equally impressed with Dali, his art and immense amount of energy.  

The two first met in Paris at a party, in 1936 and not long after this fateful rendezvous, Dalí sent Harpo a Christmas gift: a harp with barbed wire for strings and spoons for tuning pins, wrapped in cellophane. Harpo was delighted with his present and sent Dali a photo of himself sitting at the harp with bandaged fingers. 

Harpo, soon after, extended an invitation for Dali to visit him in California. In early 1937, Dali arrived in Los Angeles along with paints, pencils and brushes and proceeded to portray Harpo, the harpist, at work.  

The Los Angeles Examiner Newspaper was there to capture the event...

Their friendship continued, Groucho describing Dali as having a serious crush on Harpo, "in a nice way".

Dalí later wrote a script for a Marx Brothers movie entitled Giraffes on Horseback Salad. It included, burning giraffes wearing gas masks and Harpo catching dwarves with a butterfly net. The film was never made. Groucho nixed the production, stating "It wouldn't play." 

Maybe not, but it sure would play in Poughkeepsie now. 

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