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The summer harp experience is like nothing else. It encourages creativity and bolsters self confidence, surrounded by those of like minds. At the end of it all, you've met amazing people, done amazing things and worked harder than you ever would on your own. You're hyper and exhausted and can't wait to do it all again.

Below are three harp programs taking place this year in Southern California, all offered by three talented and enthusiastic local harpists. There's still time to sign up - read on!

Mary Dropkin:
University of Redlands Summer Harp Camp
July 23 - 28, 2012
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The focus with the University of Redlands Summer Harp Camp is to develop a deeper appreciation for music and enjoyment of the harp while working with a supportive group of teachers and clinicians who share the same passion for music and the harp. Open to lower intermediate and advanced level harp students.

"Clinicians this summer are Lynne Aspnes, Kathy Moore, John Gann, Kevin Holsinger, Nate Zeisler, and Frank Fetta. We will have large and small ensembles, work shops in music theory, rhythm, correct pronunciation of musical terms and composers' names, "out of the box" possibilities for a career in music, the Green Room Experience, and what a conductor looks for in an orchestral harpist.

In addition, we will have a solo competition, performance evaluations, a mock audition and Steve Moss will once again be on campus for harp regulation and maintenance*. Tuition is extremely reasonable (early registration discount ends on June 23) and on-campus housing is available. "
~ ~ Mary Dropkin

* Contact Mary to schedule an appointment with Steve Moss

Image above: Michigan harpist Lynette Desjarlais at the 2010 University of Redlands' Summer Harp Camp.(photograph by Eric Tom)

Allison Allport:
Idyllwild Arts Summer Program
Harp Workshop: July 22 -  August 4, 2012
Student performances: August 3rd at 7 p.m.
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Idyllwild Arts is a beautiful and special place. The camp is situated in a dramatic mountain range and forms its own small town of creative students and dedicated faculty. After an intense two-week session, students leave the camp with new friends, expanded musical skills and a greater love for playing the harp. Open to harpists with at least one year harp experience.

"I went to Idyllwild Arts myself as a student, and it was there that I realized I wanted music in my life forever. It was also the first place that I truly connected with kids my own age. Back then, there was no harp teacher and no other harp students. I greatly enjoyed the experience, but sometimes lacked the specific help and camaraderie I needed. Now, as for the past ten summers, I am glad to be able to use my experience to bring even more power to the Idyllwild experience for young harpists".
~ ~ Allison Allport

Image above: Emma Dyson from San Diego, CA at the 2011 Idyllwild harp workshop.

Marcia Dickstein
Central Coast Harp Workshop
July 27 - July 29, 2012
Application deadline July 10, 2012
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The Central Coast Harp Workshop is a jam-packed musical weekend held on the beautiful west coast of Morro Bay, California. Time is spent on individual's needs; whether it is repertoire, interpretation, technique, stage presence or physical issues. Chamber music and ensemble playing is a special opportunity during this wonderful weekend of music. All levels and all types of harps are invited!

"For the past several years, I have run the Central Coast Harp Workshop as an opportunity to hone repertoire, discuss individual harp issues, learn about new repertoire and spend time with other musicians. As the workshop is only a couple of days, a lot of information is packed into a short time period!

The feeling is casual but the music is serious. We talk and play, eat and spend time in a beautiful place. The finale is a recital where every player is invited to perform, sometimes for their first time ever!"
~ ~ Marcia Dickstein

Image above: Marcia Dickstein giving one on one during the 2011 Central Coast Harp Workshop.

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