Saturday, December 21, 2013


Clip from The Bishop’s Wife: Lost April 
Released in 1948
Director: Henry Koster
Based on a story by Robert Nathan
Cary Grant's "hands" performed by harpist Mr. Gail Laughton.

Dudley (Cary Grant),who has not informed anyone but the bishop (David Niven) that he's an angel, plays a song composed for the usually frosty Mrs. Hamilton (Gladys Cooper) on the harp (music by Emil  Newman & Herbert Spence, lyrics by Edward Delange). 

Lost April, where did you go
Like the winter snow, I saw you vanish.
Lost April, so soft and warm
A memory not even time can banish.
Lost April that taught me this,
A single kiss could lead to heaven.
But April had numbered days
So when they passed, love couldn't last.
I lost love and you, and April too...

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